eTa Blades, EREDA’s partner, participates in the conference “Challenges and solutions for lengthening the life of wind farms in operation” on the days 22th and 23th of September in Madrid

Carlo Durante, founder and CEO of eTa Blades, will participate in the conference about the extension of wind farms life, organized by AEE (Spanish Wind Energy Association) with a presentation on the relevance of the wind turbines blades in this area.

eTa Blades and Ynfinity Energy are strategic partners of EREDA both in the introduction of new blades on the market and in other activities and services of analyzing and improving of performance and life extension of wind farms and solar plants, through a combination of technical, operational and financial capabilities provided by the partners. Currently, the main new product is a new blade model  for repowering the Gamesa/ Vestas 47 wind turbines , improving the performance up to 20%.

The title of the presentation will be “re-blading or blades change to improve performance and extend wind turbine life” and is part of the panel ‘the interchangeability of components and their integration in the original ones’.