EREDA provides services and promotes the renewable energy sector, specially wind and solar energy.

Moreover, EREDA develops its activity in the field of data analysis and processing, as well as software design aimed at the improvement of the information management, using tools based on databases, Geographic Information Systems, specific programs, Internet or intranet information, etc.

The company builds on the experience accumulated by its members in the mentioned fields.

Empresa Energías Renovables

In the field of renewable energies, EREDA provides services to clients who need support for the conception, design, licensing, construction, assessment, operation, performance improvement or operation of facilities.

In the field of data analysis, EREDA provides support for the analysis of huge data amounts and develops user-friendly tools which help to carry out this kind of routine tasks for users without extensive technical qualification.

Características diferenciales EredaEREDA’S DISTINCTIVE PRODUCT features are:

  • Small facility development. We rise to the challenges posed by small wind farms (even facilities with no more than one wind turbine).
  • Participation. We involve all the project stakeholders, including natural persons, municipal authorities, regional banks and power distribution companies.
  • The best technology. Technology is a critical component in facility design. EREDA proposes the most advanced technology on the market to ensure that local benefits include improved supply. This means that our facilities, far from being a cause for concern for distributors, are an element that enables them to ensure a high quality service.

Energías Renovables y Desarrollos Alternativos S.L.U.

Paseo del Marqués de Monistrol 7

28011 Madrid

Telephone: 915014755

e-mail: ereda_info@ereda.com

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Please, contact us by email to: ereda_info@ereda.com