EREDA, technical and commercial partner of eTaBlades, participates in the technical conferences about wind blades organized by AEE

EREDA is the technical and commercial partner of the Italian Company eTaBlades, which has developed wind blade solutions for wind energy of medium power and is working in repowering solutions for wind turbines out of the currently commercial offer.

During the technical conferences eTaBlades presented a new blade solution for repowering the G47 / V47 models. These blades have been manufactured using the last materials and aerodynamic advances, what increases the efficiency of the wind turbine between 17% and 22%. This has been achieved by a mix of different improvements in degradation, aerodynamic, blade length, and reduction of the cut in wind speed.

The wind turbine blades are currently being proved by the manufacturer, DEWI (wind measurements and power curve verification), SKF (analysis of the vibrations and loads,) and the Owner of the wind farm, who is the biggest Owner of wind farms in Italy.