Wind energy

We provide support for developers in any phase of a project purchase or life cycle:


If you own property apt for housing a renewable energy facility and seek turnkey service, EREDA is the supplier you’re looking for.

You may choose to:

  • Be the project developer, in which case we would do all the design and development work for you.
  • Take active part in the project as one if its investors
  • Provide the land for the project, benefitting from revenues pursuant to the agreement reached.

Data Analysis

We develop our own software to analyse the information from weather stations and from the turbines themselves:

Site identification, selection and characterisation
Site assessment in more than 7000 MW:

  • Survey campaign design
  • Site pre-selection studies for area and project development.


  • Supply and installation of meteorological towers
  • Meteorological station management
  • Data analysis
  • Energy audits using site-adapted models: WAsP and Windsim
  • EREDA’s WAsP certification is a guarantee of its expertise and experience in wind resource studies.
  • EREDA is a certified WAsP user.

Some projects of this kind developed by EREDA are:

Regional and Mesoscale wind maps

EREDA offers meso and microscale wind maps at custom size and resolution (up to 100m).

Mean wind speed and rose, yearly and daily curves and also energy production can be obtained for any point inside area of interest. Moreover Ereda offers hystorical virtual mast time series. This is a useful tool to reduce the uncertainty of the energy production estimate by means of MCP analysis.

The virtual mast time series are 15 years long and are centered at the real mast position with a 3 km resolution. Maps and virtual masts are obtained downscaling historical global meteorological data to the desired resolution by means of the WRF (Weather Research and Forecast) model. Numerical simulations are performed with a supercomputer cluster.

An example of a project of this kind performed by EREDA is:  Elaboration of the national Wind and Solar atlas of Angola for The Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola.

Definition and elaboration of projects and technical specifications

Design engineering Elaboration of technical specifications and definition of the most appropriated solution for the project according to the resources. Some projects of these areas developed by EREDA are:

  • Arkamo, 50 MW, Eólicas de Euskadi, Álava, Spain
  • La Aceña, 10 MW, Eólicas de Euskadi, Spain
  • Escudero, 116 MW, Element Power, Panama
  • Dozon I, 39.1 MW Gas Natural, Pontevedra, Spain
  • Monte Vendido, 22 MW, Iberdrola, Badajoz, Spain
  • Ampliación de Forgoselo 22.5 MW, Iberdrola, La Coruña, Spain
  • Sierra del Monje, 32 MW, Iberdrola, Cuenca, Spain
  • Cerna 10 MW, Energía Verde, Romania
  • Dozon II, 39.1 MW, Finsa, Pontevedra, Spain

Detailed engineering Development of the detailed engineering in the specifications defined in basic engineering. Some projects of these areas developed by EREDA are:

  • Cruz de Alda, 50 MW, ESBI, Álava, Spain
  • Arauco, 132 MW, Helium Chile, Chile
  • Les Rotes, 44 MW, Tarraco, Lleida, Spain
  • Pico Cuidero, 32 MW,  Iberdrola, Asturias, Spain
  • 3 Electrical Substations for Ormazábal, Basque Country, Spain

Construcción energía eólica
  • Technical specification drafting
  • Project management
  • Site consultancy
  • Construction monitoring
  • Facility verification, analysis and acceptance prior to provisional acceptance

Some of the works performed by EREDA for different clients are:

Facility operation and maintenance

  • Monitoring facility performance, including availability analysis, power curve, potential and real output
  • Maintenance management
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Performance deviation analysis
  • Blades: inspections, cleaning, repair

Facility inspections
inspecciones e instalaciones eólicas
  • Inspections prior to provisional acceptance
  • Inspections prior to final acceptance
  • Wind turbine inspections
    • Gearbox verification (oil checks, videoscope)
    • Transformer station verification (thermographic camera)
    • Internal and external blade inspections

Some of the Wind Turbines inspections performed by EREDA are:

  • Grand Place WF, 6 Wind Turbines, GAMESA, France.
  • Oiz WF, 2 Wind Turbines, EESA, Spain.
  • Serón I WF, 25 Wind Turbines, EYRA, Spain.
  • Hinojal y Zarzuela WF, Wind Turbines, FERSA, Spain.
  • Guijo I and Guijo II WF, 32 Wind Turbines, GAMESA, Spain.
  • La Tella WF, 5 Wind Turbines, TRIODOS, Spain.

Some of the Wind Turbines and gearboxes inspections performed by EREDA are:

EREDA also has performed several wind turbine inspections including blade inspection, here some examples:

Due diligence and asset evaluation
  • We conduct technical due diligence and wind and photovoltaic project procedures.
  • We work for banks and developers interested in project financing or purchase operations.
  • Consulting for goverments and public entities.

Some examples of works of this type developed by EREDA are:

  • Due Diligence of wind turbine supply for EOLIA.
  • Due Diligence for Wind Farm financing in Uruguay for Blackstone.
  • Due Diligence for assets purchase of Babckok & Brown for FCC (Garrigues Environment), 420 MW installed.
  • Good practises guide about Renewable Energy in Bulgary, Client: AEE.
  • Audit and Consultancy for the 2nd Wind Energy regional plan of the basque country.
  • Report about the sectoral study on the exporting potential. – LOT 3: Wind Energy for the ICEX.
  • Study for repowering of Wind Farms in the Basque Country for the EVE.