Energy Efficiency

EREDA helps its clients to use energy more efficiently and rationally. These services are geared to any type of activity and are personalized in keeping with energy intensity or the processes involved, including:

  • industrial facilities
  • farming and livestock raising
  • business activities
  • public institutions.

One key aspect for sustainability is the rational use of resources. This entails an accurate understanding not only of the needs associated with our activities, but the most efficient way to meet them. Rational or efficient energy use does not mean cutting back on our activities, needs, quality of life or comfort. Rather, it means maintaining the present levels with a minimum expenditure of resources, achieving environmental sustainability and heightening our competitiveness.

EREDA features an energy efficiency and savings service.


Facility and good practice pre-assessment, options for hiring services with an impact on energy consumption and possible fields of action.

  • Potential energy savings and public support and subsidies
  • General energy use questionnaire
  • In situ measurement by energy auditor and specialist technicians
  • Preliminary energy report
  • Energy savings and efficiency support and subsidy management
  • Energy pre-assessment report:
    • qualitative energy analysis
    • rate/price management
    • possible measures and approximate potential savings


Facility assessment and determination of areas and aspects liable to improvement, with an estimate of the energy and economy savings ensuing from implementation

  • Field visit by specialists to conduct a detailed study of the facilities and take specific measurements.
  • Drafting of the “energy audit” report, which includes:
    • energy assessment of premises and facilities
    • technical and economic viability of the measures proposed
    • report on energy certification for the building
    • proposal for measures to improve energy savings and efficiency
  • Subsidy and financing management.


Geared to obtaining subsidies or more favourable financial terms and the effective implementation of solutions for client facilities

  • Client specification of the measures to be implemented
  • Formulation of the Action Plan
  • Implementation of measures by specialist technicians
  • Energy classification of premises
  • Submission of the implementation report


Design of a rational energy use policy, training, dissemination of the energy efficiency efforts made, strategic counselling

  • Comprehensive on-line auditing service:
    • continuous counsel
    • new needs and enlargement
    • information on legislative changes
    • energy  monitoring
  • Maintenance of existing and newly installed equipment
  • Staff training: rational energy use and dissemination of an energy culture

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