Data Analysis and Software development

EREDA has an outstanding technological ability. Throughout many years of experience we have developed software applications for data processing related to renewable energies, cartography, land register, Geographic Information System and remote sensing.These applications allow us to reach a higher control and accuracy in the processing of large amounts of data. Fields of research include: resource evaluation, site mapping, availability analysis, etc.EREDA offers studies on:

  • Land use analysis
  • Cartography generation for anywhere in the world from remote sensing information, both altimetric and planimetric data
Análisis de Datos y desarrollo de aplicaciones
EREDATA Software
Meteorological time series data example
RosadelosvientosWind rose example
EREDATA helps you to evaluate your wind and solar farm projects from meteorological data analysis to performance assessment. DAtaCleansing   Data Cleansing

  • Interactive graphics for data inspection
  • Import from text file or database

Statistics  Statistics

  • Wind and production rose
  • Weibull distribution
  • Hourly and Monthly P50 and P90
  • Wind Farm Power Curve

Windresource   Wind Resource analysis

  • Vertical wind profile
  • MCP and multivariate MCP
  • Class and Subclass Assessment

Operational  Operational Data Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Power Curve
  • Power Factor Regulation

EREDATA is a web application that runs on  dedicated server instances separately for each client.  User groups can be set up to assign different accesses to the database

nube2       nube1

EREDATA Technology

  • Cloud Computing to give each user access to  a private virtual server cloud
  • MySQL Database for performance optimization sql
  • Python to integrate  advanced statistical analysis libraries python
  • High Charts JavaScript for powerful dynamical graphicshighcharts


EREDA develops user-friendly tools which make it possible to carry out routine tasks without extensive technical qualification. Those applications are aimed at the improvement of the information management, using databases, Geographic Information Systems, specific programs, Internet or intranet information, etc.
We use the most up-to-date and usual application languages nowadays: Visual Basic, C++…which generates user-friendly and very intuitive graphic interfaces. They ensure connection with any platform.