EREDA has reached an agreement for acquisition of WEIR YES, along with a group of domestic and foreign investors

EREDA has recently reached an agreement for acquisition of WEIR YES, along with a group of domestic and foreign investors. The strategy of the company will be enhanced by the technical and commercial management improvement and strengthening of their activities both on geographical areas and areas of action.

Geographically, WEIR YES is already present in several of the most important wind power markets in the world: Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Uruguay. In the near future it is considered the entry into Mexico, in addition to closely monitor the situation in Argentina.

As for activities, one of the main lines will be the extension of its services to the photovoltaic solar energy and the development of joint services with new partners. Among these services, the two most immediate proposals are, first, performance enhancement and life extension for wind turbines G / V 47 by replacing blades with the new product eTa4X, shovel new development that achieves production increased between 12 and 20%, depending on site characteristics. Second, the whole Asset Management (Asset Management) for both wind farms and photovoltaic plants for service. This service will be offered to both manufacturers and owners of facilities with joint capabilities of both WEIR YES and EREDA, both with extensive experience in activities related to it.

The activities of the companies will be run independently, keeping WEIR YES as a company for assembly services, maintenance, logistics, retrofit or replacement of components of wind farms and solar plants, with references in more than 10,000 MW in Europe, Africa and America, while EREDA will continue to carry out its activities as independent consultant and engineering, with references of more than 30,000 MW in projects in four continents. Eventually, and according to customer needs, capabilities and expertise of both companies will be combined.

In addition, both companies will continue to strengthen its design activity and proposal of products associated with its activities (in addition to the blades developed by its partner eTaBlades) as elevators and descenders, orientation enhancement mechanisms for wind turbines, CMS systems by vibrations measurement and analysis, development of solar inverters and other power electronics solutions (already under certification), etc.